Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lips: Topshop Lipstick

Topshop first launched its make-up line within 2010, four years on and the collection has expanded, offering core essentials as well as on-trend seasonal offerings. 

The lipstick collection is one of its most extensive, with a collection complete with nudes, pinks, reds and purples and a variety of shades to choose from. In particular, the number of red shades is fantastic, some with only slight shade differences to allow you to find the right shade for you. 

Application is nice and easy and the coverage is good but some colours do need two layers. The lipstick does offer some moisture to the lips, preventing them from drying out and making them nice to wear. Colour does last for a while but repeat application is needed throughout the day to ensure the colour pop is perfect. The only downside is that any chap skin to your lips will be highlighted by the colours, more so than other lip sticks I've used.

The packaging is nice and simple and looks nice on presentation within a make-up collection. My big complaint, however, is the only reference to the colour of the lipstick is on the sticker at the bottom, so when you want a particular colour you have to keep picking each one up to find the one you're after! 

Topshop's lip sticks retail at £8 each making them perfect for testing out new colours that you're not sure about. However, when it comes to those everyday essentials I perhaps would search for a slightly more longer lasting colour coverage. 

Check out the colours I picked from the collection below and let me know what you think of Topshop's lipstick collection!



Secret Admirer




Show Off

Brighton Rock

Rio Rio 

Screen Siren

The Damned 

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  1. So many pretty colors!