Acne Skincare: Your Skin Type is Crucial

When you worry about breakouts, blemishes, and irritations, then you need the right acne skincare products for you. But don’t jump on the next product ad you see and read about, as these ads fail to mention that not all acne skin care products work well on every skin type. Serious skin care rests on accurate information on which skincare products match your skin’s type.

Dry skin feels tight on one’s face, lacks natural skin oils, looks flaky, and is prone to blemishes and even blackheads. So, dry skin care requires enough moisture; and therefore a regular regimen of facial washing and a good moisturizer that gets easily absorbed.

Oily skin can look coarse and greasy; this skin type usually has recurring acne, blackheads, and large pores. This mean specific oily skin care treatment is called for – routine washing that’s just enough to leave sufficient natural oils, and not too rough at that; also, use a light moisturiser that also calms the oil glands.

Sensitive skin is open to the elements, making them vulnerable to rashes and allergies. Ingredients in ingested foods, products applied on one’s skin, and the environment can make sensitive skin red and itchy. Knowing and remembering which cosmetics and environmental factors caused reactions, and avoiding them, is what sensitive skin care is about. It would also be advised to note the exact products that caused allergies, and those that caused none. Natural organic products might also help sensitive skin by not irritating it and nourishing it more.