Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks

Some tips and tricks about Bridal makeup. It helps your makeup lasts all day long and make sure you look best both in person and in pictures.  I like to start with some rose water spray they really moisturize your skin and hair you can also use it to set up your makeup another spray. I can’t live without is Smashbox photo-finish mist it leaves your skin looking radiant and it create a sheer canvas for makeup application and it’s free of silicone alcohol and oil for the foundation.

I chose is too face Born This Way Foundation it’s long lasting and gives you medium to full coverage the shade I use is their new shade. Swan it’s too pale for me so I use benefit hoola bronzer and mix them together to match my skin colorit works great. The last thing bride wants to see are those dark circles in their pictures instead of using bye bye undereye. I love this Japanese concealer in works like magic the coverage is amazing and it also moisturizes your undereye area another magic tool is shiseido luminizer face color this was originally used for highlighter it was later on used to cover eye bags like magic one swipe under-eye circles are gone for wedding makeup it’s okay that conture is heavier than your daily makeup the camera will wash out most of the color. Make your eyebrow darker and longer. It is very likely that it is not gonna show well in pictures the flash of the camera roll very likely to worship to make sure your eyebrows you can also use a mascara strengthner. It’s great for keeping eyebrows in place brown smokey eyes are the most requested and is classic to give more definition of my eyes, I like to use eyeshadow stick instead of eye shadow powders they are long-lasting highly pigmented and you don’t even need an eye prime.

Try to use a majority of the color with matte finish use the shimmer in the corner of the eye or only in the center of the eye eyeliner and mascara are so important for defining the eyes. We all know we need to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara but sometimes, they still seem to smudge well, here’s a trick use some setting powder and place it on the lower lash line it will keep everything in place and stop them from smudging for the lip application start with lip liner it will help keep everything in place. If you have dry lips use lip balm on top please this is also one of my masterpiece just know it’s your wedding it’s yourbig. Day it’s all about you. Do what makes you happy.