Concealing and Highlighting with Sheer Minerals Makeup

This one is going to be pink in color and it neutralizes any type of darkness. So, whenever you conceal under your eyes you want to take it down into a v-shape and then we’re going to blend that in in just a minute. First, I’m going to show you the next use which would be our Neutral Stick. This is going to be great either for using as an eye primer, covering maybe some age spots or blemishes. This is going blemishes that you would want to conceal that’s what we’re going to do here. And then the third, is our Green Corrector Stick, this is basically for redness and it’s going to help to neutralize that.

And I’m going to use that right down here on a blemish and we’re going to see how blending this out with our Blending Sponge is going to make all that blend right in and ready for our mineral foundation. You just just lightly tap. This sponge has already been wet just help to help everything absorb into the skin lightly blotting is what you want to do here. Okay so I’m concealed I’m going to go in with my powder foundation this is in the shade Oatmeal Light and I’m using our Kabuki Brush to apply this today.

Just in a buffing motion. Now that we’re finished there we’re going to go on with our Strobe Sticks so instead of concealing this is something’s going to highlight and draw attention to the areas that we want to do that with so the inside corners of the eyes are going to be great for that this is really going to help to open the eyes up. Then highlighting the natural higher areas of the face are going to be another. So right up here in the top of the forehead, down the nose, have to do the cupid bow, on your chin and definitely the top of our cheek bones. So we’re going to blend this in in a minute and another thing you can do is just get a little bit of a Stroke Stick on your finger and add it to the bottom lip right in the center to add a little bit of dimension.

I’m going to go back in with my Blending Sponge to blend that out. And there you have our concealing and Strobe Stick.