Get Glowing Skin Before Your Wedding

About the founder of this product! When I got to know about his product, I thought what is so special in his product. There is no comparison of Lebanese experts when it comes to Make up and Hairstyles Honestly. I love Lebanese hairstylist. Way of coloring the hair. Styling them. They are naturally gifted with this talent. Online things are available when you visit stores, you get to know about many new products. They are out of stock. Even testers are there, and when you ask them for the products then they say they are out of stock. I’ll check this thing, and I’ll let you know why the supply is so less. I just pick it up, so that I can share with you, show it to you. So that you don’t waste your money and time like me.

It’s a beautiful box. What have Sameera sent me? I haven’t met Sameera, And Sameera have sent me a gift. Through a friend. So nice of her. Thank you so much Sameera. But what’s inside it? You will get to know soon.

I love the box Just look at it and how beautiful the box is. It’s a back lighting all over glow. It gives a very unusual glow. And you all know I love to shine, I love to glow, I love to blink I’m crazy about Highlighters. It’s called the brides way. Especially for brides. Today we won’t play with a lot of colors.

We will keep it simple Shimmer look. You will really like this look. I promise you that my foundation is a magic foundation, it’s a blend of three different foundations. For eyes and lips we will go for shimmer. The bottle looks like this.

Keeps you looking glamorous, all day all night. Butterflies I like butterflies I’m gonna try this new primer. This is what the packaging looks like I’ll apply with my hands. I think, I’m glowing If you thing there is some thing different in it, So GO FOR IT! I think one pump should be enough for it. Let’s glow Like seriously Um-um ok. How do I look? Let’s we do the concealer. I’m using Laura Mercier, Secret brightening powder.

I think this is the best brush for nose contouring. You need to get this. This is extremely cheap. There is a serious glow. Not a joke Eyes can never be complete without the Mascara I love Kiko, It’s reasonable I’m done But this is left.