How To Deal With Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions in a number of negative ways. When you lose your hair, you may feel unattractive and suffer a loss of self esteem and self confidence. You may feel you have no control over hair loss, but this isn’t true. There are things you can do to prevent additional hair loss and even re-grow lost hair. Read on for great tips and advice on dealing with hair loss.

There are lots of things that can cause hair loss. For men, male pattern baldness, a hereditary condition is primary. There is also female pattern baldness that accounts for a great deal of hair loss experienced by women. While these things are not controllable, there are a number of factors that are controllable that affect the severity of these conditions. Among them are medical conditions such as thyroid disorders. Additionally, nutritional deficits and stress may exacerbate hair loss. Keeping good tabs on your health and eating a proper diet can help with hair loss tremendously.

To prevent hair loss caused by poor health, be sure to see your doctor regularly and partake of any preventative health care measures covered by your health insurance plan. If you do not have health coverage, you may wish to take advantage of online blood testing, which is an affordable way to keep up with your own health conditions. You can monitor a your nutrition, thyroid counts and more by having a complete blood count performed a couple of times a year.

If you experience sudden hair loss due to stress, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your self care by eating well, sleeping well and getting good, regular exercise. If you are able to talk out your problems with a counselor, this is an excellent option. If you do not have health coverage that will provide for that, seek out the solace and advice of a trusted friend or member of clergy. Good online research can also help you find stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation.

If you have hair loss that is hereditary, it is difficult or impossible to treat it. Although medical science has come out with a number of chemical and hormonal treatments, these are expensive, often not covered by insurance and may have unwanted side effects. Your best bet is to simply take care of yourself and be the best you possible – even with hair loss.

If you are a man, remember that many very attractive male actors and other respected men are bald. True attractiveness stems from self-confidence, not from hair. Indeed, men who are so vain as to wear wigs, comb their hair over baldness and so on are often subjects of ridicule. It’s really better to simply embrace the baldness and give your head a good polish!

Women who experience genetic hair loss may also try pharmaceutical treatments, but again, they are expensive and may produce ill effects. Luckily, a woman with thinning hair can do a great deal with styling, wigs and headwear to create the illusion of fuller hair. Of course, if she is very confident, she can simply go with the flow and be her most beautiful self regardless of hair loss. True beauty comes from within. If you have a beautiful smile, sparkling eyes and a positive outlook, your hair will be the last thing people notice about you.

In the final analysis, if your self-confidence and self-esteem are inextricably linked to your hair, hair loss may signal a time to begin looking for other aspects of yourself from which to draw strength and assurance. Surely, you will want to do everything you can to look your best, but remember that hair is only a superficial ornament. There are plenty of intrinsic aspects of your personality and being that are worthy of love and admiration.