How to Keep Dyed Hair Looking Fresh

Every year, thousands of people have their hair dyed into natural and unnatural colors. Whether it is done professionally or by themselves, the color often begins to fade over time, resulting in a less-than-fresh appearance of color. However, there are some simple tips and tricks you can take to ensure that your hair color stays fresh and vibrant, despite it being a while since you last had it dyed.

Avoid the sun. Sun naturally bleaches hair, even if it is not colored. Therefore, the bleaching of your colored hair by the sun is likely to stand out and even be considered distracting. Wear a hat if you will be outside when it is very sunny. This is also true of driving in certain degrees of brightness, as the sun can still reach you. It is also true in winter, when many people forget that the sun can be just as damaging.

Use color-protecting shampoo, or color-depositing shampoo made by the same brand that makes your hair dye. This is critical, as not all color protection products will work with all brands of hair dye. Apply the color protective shampoos, conditioners, and other products as directed when washing you hair.

Refrain from washing your hair every day. This is likely to dry out your hair and help to wash away the dye much quicker, resulting in lighter colors overall. Even if you use a dye-preserving shampoo, your hair dye can be washed out and made useless by regular hair washing.

To add shine to dyed hair, use a glossing treatment. This will make your hair look more natural, as dyed hair often loses the shine of natural hair.

When you swim in chlorinated pools, wear swim caps or other hair coverings that will prevent your hair from being damaged by the chlorine. Consider using non-chlorine based pool treatments to treat your own pool, if you have one, for convenience.

Avoid hair products that “volumize,” as they can often help to remove hair dye.

Do not use hair dryers, straightening or flat irons, or curling irons too frequently. These are damaging to hair alone, but are particularly bad for dyed hair.

Avoid using some styling products that need to be regularly washed out of hair with shampoo. If you can go two days without washing your hair, you are in good standing, and your hair dye will last twice as long.

When choosing a brand of dye, do not pick something less expensive just because it is inexpensive. This often indicates lower quality, which means it will be less long-lasting, and may not stay true to color for as long as you want it to, which can mean even more dying.

Although taking good care of your dyed hair takes effort and time, it can prove to be well worth it as you do not have to cater to as frequent re-dying procedures. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your hair will remain shiny, healthy, and true-to-color between touch-ups.