How To Keep Hair Color Fresher For Longer

When you get your hair colored, you want it to last as long as possible. It does not matter if you had your hair done professionally or if you did it yourself. The main concern is always having vibrant color for a decent amount of time. Here are several tricks you can use to extend the life of your hair color.

Do not spend a lot of time in the sun. You may be wondering just how bad a little sun can be, but do yourself a favor and avoid it as much as possible. The sun works in mysterious ways, and it does not like hair color very much. If you spend too much time in the sun, you will start to notice that your color is starting to fade. To stop this from happening you need to stay out of the sun, or you can wear a hat. Either way, do everything you can to protect your hair.

There are shampoos and conditioners made for color treated hair. A lot of people do not use them and they stick with their normal brand. While this is not the worst thing in the world, the average shampoo doesn’t work overtime to protect color treated hair. There are ingredients in certain shampoos and conditioners that help protect your hair. If you use them, there is a great chance that you will have to dye your hair less often, which means you will decrease your chances of it becoming damaged.

You may wash your hair every day, but that is not a good idea if you have colored your hair. You may not see the color rinsing down the drain as you are washing it, but it does diminish the vibrancy of your color. There is nothing worse than taking the time to have your hair dyed and having your color fade rather quickly. To protect your hair, wash it every two to three days.

If you are going to get into a pool that has chlorine in it, never submerge your head under the water. Chlorine is a chemical that is not too fond of hair dye. When the two meet it can cause the hair to become brittle and faded. To be on the safe side, you should wear a swim cap when you are getting into a pool. That way you won’t have to worry about any water coming in contact with your hair.

Do not use heated tools to style your hair too often. Curling irons, hair dryers and flat irons are all culprits. Look for other ways to do your hair, or you can risk ruining your dye job. You shouldn’t be using these items too often anyway since they can damage the hair when overused. Now you have more of a reason to stop using these daily.

It takes a bit of effort to care for colored hair. The tips here will help you make things a little simpler. You will be able to keep your hair vibrant and healthy in between treatments.