Lipstick Shades For Dark & Dusky Skin Tones

Do you often get bored of wearing the same 2 old lipstick shades regardless of your makeup, or what you’re wearing? Sadly, I used to do this too, but it’s a myth that those of us with chocolate skin can’t pull off most lip colors. Now, we all have different lip shapes & undertones and making the right choice can be pretty confusing.

Women with deeply pigmented lips often have a darker outline and a lighter inside. This completely changes the shade of the lipstick once it is applied. Start off by creating the perfect canvas: so conceal & correct any discoloration, and then line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Now you’re ready for the lipstick. Nude lipsticks are an ageless trend! Whether used for an everyday look or paired with a smokey eye for a glamorous night out, nude lipsticks never disappoint! The best thing to do would be to choose between a brown, pink or peach nude as this would add warmth to your skin, giving you a natural sunkissed glow! Avoid using chalky pastel shades as they tend to leave a white cast on your lips.

Step out of your comfort zone and start experimenting with maroons! Maroon works great as a bold statement lip if you’re pairing it with a neutral eye look. Go for deeper shades of maroon as they tend to make your skin look brighter rather than brownish maroons as they will make your skin look duller. Pink is a universal favorite amongst most girls and probably has the largest shade range for the same reason! Pink adds freshness and gives the skin a youthful appearance. Don’t shy away from experimenting with brighter pinks like fuchsia, especially if you have problematic skin as this will bring all the attention towards your pout! Avoid frosted shades like baby pink as they will attract unnecessary attention to the fine lines on your lips. Red is a classic shade and looks amazing on ALL skin tones! Red adds a lot of drama to the already striking features of a dark skinned woman.

Opt for shades such as rust, bright plum or ox blood for the perfect pout! I personally, always use a blue toned red as it makes my teeth appear whiter. Purple, the color of the year, can be quite the conversation starter! It may be a bold shade to pull off, but if worn right, it exudes grace & glamour! For our skin tones, opt for shades with a slight pinkish undertone! Skip the lilacs as they give you an ashy finish and a sickly appearance. Now that you know that you have way more options than just 2, start experimenting and exploring the wonderful world of colours. I would like to sign off with just one more tip: If you have fuller lips like mine, stick to matte lipsticks over shimmers.